For the end of our Young Adult Summer Programs, I hosted a Book Exchange/ Prize Drawing/ End of the Summer Extravaganza. Throughout the summer, the kids were encouraged to read and attend the summer programs hosted by our library. For each book they read and every program they attended, they were allowed another entry in the drawing. Our big prize was a Kindle Fire, but some awesome local businesses chipped in too! In the end we had over 800 entries and some very dedicated teen readers!

I really wanted to get all of the kids involved in the party and for everyone to leave with something. So, I asked the kids to bring a favorite summer read of theirs (second-hand encouraged.) We wrapped the books and added #hashtags to peek people’s interest, but not to give away the name of the book.

The kids also helped shake up the prize entries by throwing the prize box around the room. A particularly enthusiastic teen is pictured above.

All-in-all, I am very pleased with how my first summer running the Young Adult program has gone. I love what I do, and I sincerely hope it has helped encouraged the teens to read more and utilize their local library. :)

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