The reason that conservative politicians can keep launching one attack after another against sexual freedom and reproductive rights without worrying about losing their base of straight white male support is that straight white men know they will never have to obey these laws. So they can feel free to posture about how terrible all this sex is and how it’s supposedly ruining “the family,” all while knowing that they are safe to keep having all the sex they want, even the kinky sex, without any real fear of being punished for it in the way that other people have to fear they will be.

With this law, the reason is obvious: Because of Lawrence v. Texas, the ban on oral sex in Louisiana is unenforceable. So this is purely a symbolic move, meant to shore up a general social disapproval of non-procreative sex. But, let’s be clear that social disapproval will be selectively applied. Straight men will continue to enjoy social support for having sex while their female partners are shamed for it.

Straight White Men Don’t Have to Fear the Anti-Sex Political Crusade (via brutereason)

Yes. Yes to the whole article. Also, I’m sorry…they’re banning what???

"That’s why conservatives have been opening up new attacks on contraception access. They know that it puts women in an uncomfortable position, because defending contraception is equated with “admitting” that you have sex, which is still considered a dirty thing for women to do in many quarters." <— THIS THIS THIS

  • Little girl at the library: "Why are you wearing glasses?"
  • Me: "Well, I need glasses."
  • Girl: "But you don't usually wear glasses."
  • Mom: "I thought they were cute."
  • Girl: "Yeah. I think they're cute."
  • Me: "So it's ok with you if I keep wearing them?"
  • Girl: "Yes! Always wear them. And always wear those earrings too! Always look like that!"
  • I forgot to consult the all important tiny fashion mistake.